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Structural Steel Design

This purpose of this book is to introduce the reader to the general concepts of limit state design and then take the reader through the design of structural steel elements keeping in close touch with the relevant causes of the code of practice

Reinforced Concrete

The purpose of this book is to take to the reader the design of reinforced concrete elements keeping in close touch with the relevant clauses of the code of practice for the structural use of concrete SANS 1011-1 2000.

SEEDA Software

Structural Engineering Element Design Aid (SEEDA) is a software programme developed by Greg Parrott that uses a very user-friendly interface to calculate the strength of structural elements in accordance with the South African National Standards.

It also includes all load calculations as well as three simple analysis modules.

The calculation output (including print-out) is well detailed and includes all references to the applicable standard.

Software Features:



Dead, Imposed, Wind, Seismic, Crane and Thermal



Beams, Slabs (flat and solid), Staircases, Columns, Foundations (spot, combined and strapped) and Retaining walls (cantilever).



Simple beams, Continuous beams and Pin-jointed frames



Simple beams (short and long term losses, fibre stresses and flexural strength)



Vertically loaded walls (solid, cavity and stiffened)



Tension, Compression, Bending, Shear, Web capacity, Beam-columns, Purlins, Column base plates and Crane runway beams.

Software Preview:

More Info:

  • Development takes place continuously and updated versions are made available to licenced users regularly.
  • The 2019 price for ALL modules of the programme is R 8 000,00 for the first year and R 2 000,00 per year thereafter.
  • A negotiated reduced price can be made for users who do not require all modules to be activated.
  • A limited student version is available for universities at a much lower cost.
  • Request for a link to download a free trial version

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